Managing the Challenges of Being a Working Mom During COVID – Moms Making it Together
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Deanna and Coffee

Managing the Challenges of Being a Working Mom During COVID

I recently shared the following with a reporter from Authority Magazine on managing the challenges of being a working mom during COVID-19, “My grandmothers lived through many life and society challenges but always kept their chin up and most of the time a smile on their face. I hope that my kids will remember the good times from COVID more than the stresses. I hope my kids will take the challenges we have faced during COVID and become stronger citizens.”

As I think about the last six months I believe now more than ever before that there are positive life lessons and memories that my kids will have when they look back at this time. I have shared some of these thoughts before but I shared them again in this interview as I strongly believe my grandmothers and my mother’s wisdom have played a vital role in our navigating life during COVID.

“I have thought a lot about how my grandmothers would have found hope during COVID. Here are five ways I think our grandmothers would hope we would continue after COVID. These are a few things that they made a part of their everyday life — a slower and less complicated life.

  1. The Power of Front Porch Sitting — I remember vividly sitting on the front porch with my grandparents and their neighbors. I spent many hours on the glider enjoying a Coca-Cola out of the bottle (a treat we kept a secret from Mom). During this past spring, we spent hours in our front yard playing every yard game you can think of and a few that are Anderson’s originals. We visited with neighbors as they walked by and met a few new neighbors in the process.
  2. Home Is Where the Heart Is — We were lucky to relocate to eastern North Carolina for several weeks this summer. It was amazing to see the power of quality time together from fishing on the pier, to learning to waterski and everything in between. My grandparents’ houses were like that for me each summer, and a benefit of Jim and I both working remotely is we can work in NC and give them these precious memories.
  3. Conversations at the Dinner Table — My grandmothers knew how to cook and the power of the family coming together at the dinner table. My mom and dad continued that tradition for us most nights. Since March, we have had so many great meals together — including an epic dinner challenge. We have cooked, laughed and enjoyed the power of the dinner table to bring us together.
  4. Sometimes You Just Need a Good Snuggle — From my grandmothers to my mom, I learned to love hugs, and right now we all need a good hug. I am thankful my 13-year-old will still let me hug him, and watch out friends when we can hug again, I am going to be all in with the hugs!

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