On Day 51… – Moms Making it Together
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On Day 51…

We have been together for 51 days ( I think I have a grey hair for each day) so I thought I would share a Day in the Life…..

  1. First, I dropped the kids off at school (Carter in the playroom/Reese in my office)  Next up a stop my favorite coffee shop (My Kitchen with the Julri which we wouldn’t have survived without) and enjoyed a few minutes by myself (really a few seconds before a Virtual Fire Drill for one of the kids school). 
  2. I headed out for a run with friends (Yes I consider the Peloton coach a personal friend on my runs)  Then I headed to the gym (my basement) for a strength workout with some friends (Thousands of strangers also trying to keep their sanity.)  
  3. Next up was lunch at a favorite spot (my kitchen).  Finally made it to the office (my office and Reese workstation) for a few hours of work before school is out (who am I kidding I’m currently learning how to do division – the right way according to Reese.)  I jumped on a few Zoom calls (are people still forgetting to unmute themselves and yes if we are going on video you should be dressed for a meeting) to keep projects moving (All while still working on division – why are we using multiplication in division?) 
  4. Then in the middle of the day my Surface decides for the keyboard to stop working – that’s helpful – so time to call IT department (That’s me so I do what we all do I restart and and wait – it starts to work) 
  5. Then its time to pick everyone up from school (the playroom and my office.) We head to after school activities (Croquet and Street Hockey – with wine – there is no driving so seems like a good idea) 
  6. We end our Manic Monday at our favorite spot for Mexican Monday  (The screened in porch with margaritas).  Another day comes to an end at home sweet home


  • Ginger
    May 7, 2020 at 12:18 pm

    Good for you doing what you’re doing and keeping it creative for your kids.

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